Imported dahlia clumps

Please read and understand before purchasing!

I've noticed that some of my favorite dahlia growers have suspended or delayed their sales and I'm also running really low on tuber stock, so I'd like to give folks the option of buying from my imported stock.

These are clumps of dahlia tubers that I purchase every year to increase my cut flower stock, and then dig up my favorites for tubers after the season.

The prices are lower than tubers grown and bred on our farm for several reasons.

These dahlias come in clumps and are imported from The Netherlands.

Clumps are different from tubers as they were grown from stem cuttings that are usually rooted in large fields or greenhouses in Holland. 

These clumps are mechanically harvested and packaged in crates for bulk sales and most clumps appear to have broken necks from the tubers that hang off them, but the base of the stem where the cutting was made holds the energy to start the plant growing.

Imported clumps can occasionally be mislabeled or have disease. I inspect them for disease and that they have enough eyes. Mislabeled clumps will be refunded in the fall of the growing season after photos are provided and the rest of the batch are confirmed as similarly mislabeled.

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Imported dahlias are a great option for small to medium scale growers looking to build stock... or for gardeners looking for lower cost stock.